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Modern Drummer Feature on John Clardy of Tera Melos - February 2014 Issue

Pick up a copy of the February 2014 issue of Modern Drummer and there is a great piece in the Up & Coming features on John Clardy of Tera Melos. Nice one JC. And Europe don’t miss your chance to see Tera Melos play live starting January 31st in Belfast, Ireland.


Modern Drummer: John Clardy of Tera Melos Blogs It

Hi, everyone. I’m John Clardy from the band Tera Melos. We recently finished a European tour that had us playing fifty-nine shows in sixty days, from as far west as Galway, Ireland, and Porto, Portugal to the easternmost point of the tour, in Ufa, Russia.

One of the greatest things about touring is getting to see all the many places in the world where music can take you. I’d played all over North America and toured Japan, South Korea, and China. On this last tour, I finally got to play throughout a large portion of Europe.

The downside of touring as a drummer is rental gear. I’m not the tallest guy, and I prefer to sit low and still be over the kit in the style of a jazz drummer, which isn’t easy to achieve with most drum companies’ hardware. The things I use the most at home in the States are the low or short models of snare stands and thrones, and most of my other stands have been chopped down with pipe cutters.

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Nathan & John hang with Mike Watt on Watt From Pedro Show

Nathan and John hung out with Mike Watt while on tour with fIREHOSE and they did a Watt From Pedro show April 8th (not 2011, actually 2012) edition live from Seattle. You can hear it all right HERE.

Thanks Pro-Mark for Endorsing John Clardy of Tera Melos

We love when great instrument makers back great music makers. Thanks Pro-Mark for adding John Clardy of Tera Melos to your family of endorsed artists. 

Drum! Magazine Feature: John Clardy

John Clardy of Tera Melos

Drummer: John Clardy
Tera Melos
Homestead Lanes, February 27th

It definitely isn’t a requirement, but I’ve noticed that there’s quite a few great drummers named John and John Clardy of Tera Melos is one of them. John has well crafted beats that are far from simplistic. He gets into a zone with arms flying and his hair commonly seen in face. Many mathy parts, time changes, starts and stops which give the songs a lot of dynamics. Tera Melos’ songs are clearly created with a lot of thought and hard work that can be heard all the complex changes.

-By Leslie Hampton DRUM! Published in Caught in the Act -June 1st, 2010


"Say this out loud. Pan-tera smell-ohs. Now tera- mell-ohs. This my friends, is how you pronounce the name of Tera Melos, a contemporary whatever- you- want -to -call -it band from California. I could attempt to describe Tera Melos’ sound…but I won’t. I’ll just provide this link and you can go see for yourself. I will however, describe the elements that comprise their sound…that I hear. There’s jazz, post punk, thrash, ambient, and hardcore. It’s all experimental. Want to hear one of the most original covers ever done of The Pixies or Beach Boys? Check out their album released last year, Idioms. Here you go. Give what you want. But, keep in mind that Nathan Latona,(bass, effects) John Clardy(drums), and Nick Reinhart work hard at trying to make a living from music. Just keep it in mind.

Nick Reinhart is co-founder, guitarist, and vocalist of Tera Melos. He is also 1/2 of Bygones, another post-experimental band that will most likely blow your mind, also. In a couple of emails one night, I tried digging to the bottom of the Tera Melos meaning mystery (epic failure), learned one of my favorite songs by the band was a total fluke and not even remembered (yypical music version of one man’s trash being another one’s treasure), and that Nick Reinhart believes that music is far more valuable than a hamburger. Despite it being just a fucking sound wave.

So I googled Pantera Smelos and I just couldn’t make a connection…besides Pantera obviously, any chance you’d let me in on the secret? Or is it just one of those random inside jokes that wouldn’t make sense to an outsider so you just leave people guessing for entertainment purposes?

NR: People often mispronounce our band’s name. I suppose that’s partially our own fault. I guess in a way it’s sort of cool because similar to the music we play, our name can be interpreted in many ways- what it means, and how to say it. However,  it’s an ultimate bummer to hear the words “tay-ruh may-los.”  It sends shivers down our spines. So pantera smelos is sort of a guide as to how to say our name correctly- pan-tera smell-ohs. tera melos.  It’s not that hard.

So its meaning is…?

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DRUM NEWS: John Clardy Is Happy

Thanks to Paiste Cymbals for endorsing John Clardy he is happy.